The company has reversed its policy regarding these ads.
 Prior approval is not needed to run these ads now.
 This is a reversal of the policy brought to action in 2018.
Just like all running businesses, Crypto needed to be advertised for growing
and now the veto on it seems to be changing. Google removed the ban on
crypto ads in 2018 and also mentioned crypto mining in 2019. Clearly
blockchain and crypto ads are becoming more standard and can be noticed
by the advertisements in various platforms, which is a huge move towards
mainstream adoption.
On May 8 th 2019, Facebook’s business page had an update which
announced that the display of blockchain and crypto ads can be done
without being notified.


In 2018, Facebook required crypto and blockchain adverts to get official
assent before any notice could be run, however Facebook is currently
introducing another rush of crypto-related business to publicize on their
It isn’t known until further notice, in any case, regardless of whether token
advertisements or ICO promotions can keep running without earlier
endorsement however that ought to be cleared up in the following weeks.
When the strategy was set up, the cause for it was to keep clients from being
duped by deceiving advertisements and all things considered, promotions
that needed to run were under a lot of examination which included
checking what licenses they had gotten, regardless of whether they were
partnered with or exchanged on an open stock trade just as the foundation
on the business.

This was criticized for halting the development of the business. Presently, it
isn’t altogether amazing that Facebook has changed its tune considering
they are reputed to dispatch their own cryptocurrency in the following
months and is tidying up their platform by banning specific individuals
Regardless, it cannot be denied that this is sure to give the industry a boost.
Hopefully, more firms will be ensuing Facebook’s new policy and
cryptocurrency promotions will rapidly grow.

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