The strength of our association stems from proactive and robust engagement with a committed and wide stakeholder community made up of major players in the distributed ledger, blockchain, and cryptocurrency spaces, including but not limited to common people, investors, enthusiasts, technology professionals, technology providers, exchanges, regulators, legal experts, corporations, and so on.

We now have two basic membership options: Individual and Corporate. Please read on for additional details about what each membership offers.

Personal Membership

We want to represent the interests of a diverse group of stakeholders, including investors, people, users, entrepreneurs, regulators, for-profit and not-for-profit organisations, and developers, who are advancing the blockchain ecosystem.

Any person having a stake in the direction, advancement, or policy initiatives supporting the development of blockchain- and distributed ledger-based technologies is eligible for an individual membership. Applying is possible through our website.

  • Weekly blogs and a monthly e-newsletter with updates on market and industry analysis.
  • Access to Roundtables and other educational and business networking events at a reduced cost.
  • Access to our partners’ training and certification programs at significantly reduced prices.
  • Participation in webcasts and webinars with us and business professionals is free and cheap.
  • Access to our industry employment forum, which gives you the chance to market your resume and network with employers in the expanding sector.
  • Access to partner events at a reduced price
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Corporate Membership

The creation of blockchain- and distributed ledger-based solutions are heavily reliant on corporations. They will serve as the business catalyst for the impending industrial transformation, which will change how we interact with technology as citizens, customers, and individuals.

As a result, we see a natural alignment between our legislative agenda and the objectives of businesses in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors across the board.

Through leadership and cross-branding initiatives, membership exposure via the blog and e-newsletter, and presentation at Webcasts, Roundtables, and other events, the corporate members benefit from the visibility of their leadership in the distributed ledger, blockchain, and cryptocurrency spaces. Corporate members also gain from contributing to the creation of our policy initiatives. The same advantages that individual members receive, such as subsidized admission to networking and educational events, are also available to executives of corporate members.

All membership requests are subject to approval and can necessitate a board of directors full vote.

  • Membership at the enterprise level, with many corporate accounts.
  • Weekly blog, daily Market & Industry Analysis updates, and a monthly e-newsletter.
  • Free participation in our and industry experts’ instructional webcasts and webinars.
  • Access to Roundtables and other educational and business networking events at a reduced cost.
  • Access to our industry employment forum, which gives you the chance to market your resume and network with employers in the expanding sector.
  • Access to our partners’ training and certification programs at significantly reduced prices.
  • Access to partner events at a reduced price.
  • Co-branding of websites and press conferences
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A non-profit organization called The Blockchain Leadership is interested in the free, ongoing development of blockchain and other distributed ledger technology. The next financial and data revolution is being ushered in by these technologies, which will cause disruption in the financial sectors of the entire global economy, including those in the fields of health care, energy, consumer technology, supply-chain management, the provision of public services, national defense, and security, among others. These technologies will also impact a wide range of businesses, from telemedicine to assisting with the transition to renewable energy on a global scale to AI learning.

But even as the globe begins to realize these promises, obstacles still stand in the way of their general adoption. This is the reason Blockchain Leadership was created—to give the sector a voice, encourage more adoption, and promote integration.

Policy Evaluation

Blockchain Leadership focuses on giving its members a voice in the growing blockchain and cryptocurrency field to assist, shape, and impact public policy debates. In some of the most difficult transformational policy processes in recent memory, We represent our members by leveraging significant contacts and networking with a wide range of stakeholder communities.

In order to support our membership base, We offer a wide range of research and analysis tools, including the most recent analysis of the evolving regulatory and public policy debate surrounding cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based technological innovations, and legislative proposals at all levels of government. This study seeks to empower our members’ individual methods and technical innovation while keeping them aware of the evolving regulatory environment.

Market Research

Significant global volatility in recent months has caused the cryptocurrency market to respond, resulting in cyclical periods of sharp price growth and depreciation. Blockchain Leadership offers in-depth public and private market analysis as the global economy matures and changes to help our members stay on top of the macroeconomic and political trends driving those market forces.

We will also offer cutting-edge analysis pertaining to the longer-term evolution of the technological landscape, its legal ramifications in relation to current regulatory and compliance requirements, and our opinions regarding the technology’s potential long-term impact on various sectors and industries.

Sector Analysis

The history of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology since 2008 has been one of disruption, namely in the field of fintech and financial services. Future developments in these technologies have a great potential to force fundamental reevaluations in a wide range of sectors, including banking and mortgage lending, healthcare, grant management, the creative arts, grassroots outreach, and even the provision of public services and the exercise of democratic processes themselves.

We also publish for our members insight analyses into the broader applicability of blockchain, distributed-ledger, and cryptocurrency technologies to a large swath of IT and traditional business areas, which complements our ongoing Market Analysis package.

Through thorough research, market monitoring, and analysis, Blockchain Leadership continues to give its members access to key industry trends in order to assist users to predict the next big wave.


Through our membership subscription service, we also organize different educational and training possibilities. It also gives you access to in-person conferences, training symposiums, and networking events, as well as white papers, market primers, frequent webinars, and webcasts.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industries are mostly driven by developments made by businesses and people operating in the market. In order to boost knowledge-sharing within our user community and improve informational depth and capabilities, we use our membership as a resource to crowd-source trends, innovations, and development.

Making connections

We also act as a facilitator so that industry participants may get together, connect, exchange ideas and market information, and support the organic growth of the distributed-ledger computing profession. Members are welcome to join us for our periodic networking events in nearby cities, as well as the numerous Blockchain Leadership events and user group gatherings Blockchain Leadership organizes all year long.

In addition to hosting local events, Blockchain Leadership is always trying to collaborate with other well-known businesses operating in this industry to provide our member’s cross-organizational programming and educational opportunities. Partnerships can be formed with technology incubators, other trade associations, business leagues, academic institutions, and other not-for-profit groups that want to boost the adoption of technology to improve financial capacity, literacy, and inclusion.


The continuing public policy discussions and arguments around the applications and legal ramifications of blockchain and distributed-ledger technologies are also greatly aided by blockchain leadership.

Our main objective is to act as a conduit for information between our members and the public, keeping them informed of current issues, and offering them a chance to provide feedback to legislators and regulators in order to assist with any necessary, beneficial regulatory changes.