Any product or service goes through a chain of events before it hits the market to be purchased by the customer. Every step of the seafood supply chain is as important as the other and any small disruption will degrade the entire process. In such a case all the manpower put in will be of no use. An efficient management of supply chain is necessary to keep the quality of the products intact until it finally reaches the consumer.

Problems in the supplychain

Unreported selling of banned seafood, illegal and unregulated killing of whales and lobsters etc.

Improper seafood storage and poor sanitary conditions

Mislabelling and adulteration

Lack of freshness leading to add more preservatives

Lack of vendor and consumer trust

Here are the chief benefits that a good Supply Chain Management has in store for any enterprise.

Enhanced Quality

Good cash flow

Reduced expenditure

Long term business collaboration

Here Seafood Supplychain Blockchain is the major game changer in the shaping the supplychain. It is known for its capacity to establish decentralized networks. However, the nature of various enterprises demands limited access.

Record Keeping

Maintenance of records becomes a tiresome task in supply chain when manual methods are at work. Blockchain in Seafood Industry makes sure that every detail of the process makes it to the ledger. The data entered once shall never be altered meaning it can be viewed whenever the need arises.

Real time Tracking

Seafood Blockchain Development facilitates real time tracking of the goods so that you shall get to know their whereabouts at any given point of time and also the freshness of the product. In this case, Provence tracking is also possible with sensors and RFID labels with Seafood In Blockchain base.


All the members of the supply chain witness the changes done to it which makes Blockchain Seafood Traceability the most sought after one in the logistics and supply chain sphere.

Lower Expenses

Blockchain works on a peer to peer basis and naturally eliminates the interruption of third parties. With no need for the intermediates to facilitate transactions, there is a considerable reduction in terms of cost.

Elimination of manual errors

As the Blockchain ledger automatically keeps track of the supply chain data, there is no need for manual record maintenance meaning there shall be no trivial errors. The supplychain startups may get use of Blockchain Based Seafood Traceability in order to track supply chain records efficiently.

Improved vendor- consumer relationship

By way of keeping the quality of the products in the supply chain at the finest, Blockchain paves way for the betterment of vendor-consumer relationship. Get access to the best Traceability of Seafood in Blockchain solutions and gain the trust of your customers.

Any business will be able to win the trust of the customers only by way of supplying them with world-class products and there is no shortcut for the same. With all these said, an effective management of supply chain is the need of the hour. Tracefood provides ultimate blockchain solutions to get the best out of your supplychain.

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